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                          Shanxi power grid PV output reached 1 million 775 thousand kilowatts

                          Time:2016/9/2 17:04:27

                          Chinese power reported in the news Reuters correspondent Jing Yuping Liu Yang reported in August 28th 12 Yue Liang 7, Shanxi power grid photovoltaic power generation to a new record high, reaching 1 million 775 thousand kilowatts, accounting for the Shanxi power grid direct transfer power of 7.8%.
                          In recent years, the national network of Shanxi provincial power company attaches great importance to the full consumption and operation control of solar and other new energy, and actively take measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid. Closely tracking the weather changes, continued to do a good job of load and wind power, photovoltaic power generation output forecasting work, and constantly improve the accuracy of prediction. Analysis of power characteristics of photovoltaic and other new energy, scientific and reasonable arrangement of thermal power, hydropower and pumped storage unit operation mode, fully tap the thermal power, hydropower and pumped storage unit peaking capacity, precise control, scheduling, network security in different operation modes of photovoltaic and other new energy consumptive full. Actively seek delivery, ensure the priority of new energy consumption. In the province electricity demand growth decline, send out the background of the market downturn, the national electricity network in Shanxi and the national Power Grid Corp and the State Grid North Division positive communication and coordination, to ensure that Shanxi send larger power, photovoltaic power generation full consumptive.
                          Up to now, Shanxi Province, PV installed capacity has reached 2 million 540 thousand kilowatts, an increase of 255.2%. Shanxi power grid so far did not abandon the phenomenon of light, the province's average utilization rate of photovoltaic in the country's leading.
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