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                          Light and heat electricity price is introduced or detonated one hundred billion market

                          Time:2016/9/2 17:05:03

                          China Electric Power News Network News correspondent Yan Xinhua reported in September 1st, the national development and Reform Commission Price Department official introduction of light and heat price policy. The industry believes that the introduction of light and heat prices will lead to the birth of the market's billions of investment tide, while the light and heat enterprises usher in the performance of the outbreak period. As the new three board listed companies in Haiyang thermal energy group and Hangzhou Boiler shares, energy saving, thermal engineering 3D Flight leader will undoubtedly benefit first.
                          The price for thermal introduction, general manager of Haiyang senior vice president and photothermal division chapter Haobin said in an interview with this reporter, this is an important milepost China thermal industry development, the introduction of real thermal electricity opens the domestic solar thermal market. "The introduction of the price of light and heat is basically in line with the previous forecast of the industry! The price can make domestic photothermal demonstration projects before the real landing, hesitating investors will enter the market, bring the whole thermal industry investment boom, according to the current industry 5-6 years of accumulated thermal power, thermal industry will likely appear more than other countries and regions' China speed. "".
                          The past five years has been focused on the development of solar energy industry, especially in the light and light industry in Haiyang energy group, currently has a considerable industrial base in the field of light and heat! According to Zhang Haobin introduction, as the core of the solar thermal equipment suppliers, Naka Miyo is currently in operation in Asia only flexible automation solar heat reflective mirror set operation condition of production line, product performance continued to maintain the international advanced level of technology, at the same time, the company now has the ability to integrate large-scale commercial power stations demonstration project started in the supply of equipment and systems. With the introduction of photothermal sunshine thermal power tariff, will usher in a huge market space.
                          It is worth noting that Naka Miyo had also participated in the national thermal power industry standards and industrial policy preparation, equipment suppliers and system integrators are the first to participate in the demonstration project of domestic trough solar thermal power generation test circuit test; its products have been successfully used in the United States, including India, Germany, Morocco and other foreign countries and projects, Yanqing 863 thermal and other domestic demonstration projects. In addition, Naka Miyo in the trough, tower solar thermal power plant system integration, through years of practical experience, has now been in the ranks of the domestic.
                          College of economics and management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Xia Lijun believes that after the introduction of light and heat electricity, light and heat industry will become a hot topic of capital market investment. After a clear demonstration projects and benchmark electricity price is expected to have 300-400 billion investment to promote the development of the industrial chain. According to the 13th Five-Year plan, to 2020 will be built 10GW thermal project, 13th Five-Year thermal accumulated investment is expected to more than 200 billion yuan." Xia Lijun said.
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