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                          The power to change the shock wave. Chongqing electric power trading center was formally established

                          Time:2016/9/2 17:05:39

                          China Electric Power News reporter Jiang Xuelin reported in September 1st, the Chongqing electric power trading center was formally established, marking the Chongqing electric power system reform once again made a new breakthrough. The center consists of power grid enterprises, power generation enterprises, the sale of electricity companies, local energy companies and three parties jointly funded the formation of.
                          Chongqing electric power trading center relying on the State Grid Chongqing electric power company's existing trading institutions, the original power grid enterprises bear the transaction business and other business separation. Funded by the State Grid Chongqing power 70%, the main representative of the Chongqing electric power market and third parties jointly funded 30% formation. Among them, Chongqing property rights exchange group Limited by Share Ltd as the third party organization, on behalf of the government invested 11%, Chongqing Energy Investment Group invested 4%, Huaneng Power International Limited by Share Ltd, Chongqing (Chongqing) limited liability company, the National Electric Power Company Limited, Chongqing investment group Shendong electric power limited liability company, Changxin Liangjiang Power Company Limited were invested 3%. Trading center is a not-for-profit, independent legal person property subject, according to the municipal government for approval of the transaction and operation rules, provide power standard, transparent, open and fair trading service.
                          It is reported that Chongqing City, the next step will be the establishment of power market management committee of the electric power market participants and composed of representatives of the third parties, as autonomous negotiation procedure mechanism to guide the market to participate in power market management, market parties reflect the will of the body, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the electricity market main body, and ultimately the formation of power trading rules and trading mechanism service, market management committee to discuss the market rules and market coordination related matters, the government approved the market rules, the closed-loop work mechanisms of energy regulatory supervision of the operation of the market.
                          November 2015, the state approved the sale of electricity to start the pilot reform in Chongqing. At present, the sale of electricity the main competition pattern has been formed, the sale of electricity business process basically clear, distribution business process open safe start, electricity transmission and distribution cost supervision and examination to be completed. Chongqing Changxin Liangjiang power, West Chongqing, Chongqing harbor bridge power electric 3 can cast carry out the sale of electricity company has signed a contract with the sale of electricity for 32 users, realize the power supply in the pilot park, year of electricity is expected to reach 89 million kwh. In July this year, Chongqing has issued a document, decided to expand the scope of the pilot to the city's municipal and industrial parks, no longer distinguish between the stock and incremental users.
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